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Bringing our products direct to you creates a more connected relationship between 1871 Dairy and you.  You get the freshest products, we get the freshest feedback, and the partnership allows us to build the strongest foundation possible for a rebuilt, wholesome dairy infrastructure in Chicago. We are currently only selling direct via home delivery or farmers market. 

Home Delivery

Start a weekly home delivery subscription and get free home delivery and a 10% discount.  Our subscribers are the bedrock of what we do.  They provide the final direct connection in a closed-loop system.  We reward your commitment with a 10% discount and first dibs on all of our products.  Start a subscription by adding a subscription product to your cart.


1871 Dairy believes in the good a farmers market brings a community.  When the producers of good food are able to bring their products and connect directly with their customers deeply good interactions can happen.  Find 1871 Dairy at all Green City Market locations and at the Oak Park Farmers Market.

About 1871 Dairy

Farming Methodology

Regenerative Agriculture

1871 Dairy believes there is great potential in our land and the flora and fauna that thrive on our land.  We take a Whole-System approach utilizing Eco-Mimicry practices that allow great food to be produced while continuing to improve each acre of the farm.

No Synthetic Fertilizers, No Herbicides, No Pesticides, only what improves our soil, plants, and animals over the long-term.

Our Community

Serving Each Other

By offering products to a community you are a part of that community, whether you admit to it or not.  1871 Dairy wants to enable back and forth engagement up and down the process of food production. We should all be proud of what happens in each subset of our community, whether that's our block, our neighborhood, or our local food table.

Our Products

Start with Simple

1871 Dairy has a bent towards simple when it comes to making our products.  If we start with something uniquely good we want to keep it that way. We have found, often, going back to traditional methods produce better tasting and more wholesome products.  That requires us to value quality over quantity. To reassure: No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Bad Stuff.

100% Grass-Fed

When done well, 100% Grass-Fed dairy is multi-faceted in its goodness. It enhances the farm, the cows, the farmer, the milk's nutrient qualities, and the milk's flavor.  We're committed to our Grass-Fed cows as the keystone to how we can farm regeneratively--restoring healthy soils and enhancing biodiversity while producing wholesome foods.


In our community for our community. 1871 Dairy will be continuing to move our herd and Micro-Dairy within the historical dairy footprint of Chicago.  We're preparing pastures in McHenry County and the Micro-Dairy in Chicago proper.  In 1910, McHenry was the 3rd largest dairy producing county in the country and Chicago had over 200 milk bottlers spread throughtout each neighborhood.


Bigger and more, when it makes the product less than what it can be is not what we do.  We prefer maximizing the quality of our product from a whole-system perspective.  Resultingly, we tend to produce our products simply, often replicating long-practiced, traditional techniques.  Whether you call it artisan or craft we don't care, we just want to be proud what 1871 Dairy makes from farm to your table.

1871 Dairy

159 N Carpenter St,
Chicago, IL

P (630) 384-9052

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